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The Benefits of Group Therapy

Posted on 18 August, 2022 at 4:40

Written by Eve South (August 2022)

What is Group Therapy?


Group Therapy is a form of psychotherapy which involves the gathering of multiple clients and one or more therapists. This form of treatment can be found in a variety of settings, including but not limited to hospitals, community centres and private practice. Group Therapy is commonly used alongside Individual Therapy, however it can also be attended in isolation. Each group program covers a specific topic and works towards a unified goal shared by group members. There are a wide variety of topics covered within Group Therapy, with some of the most common being: Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Chronic Pain, Social Skills, Stress, Domestic Violence, Grief and Loss, and Parenting Skills.


What Can You Expect?


While every Group Session is different, depending on the aim of therapy and the personal style of the therapist, there are a few common themes which can be expected. Most sessions will involve a mix of psychoeducation, group discussion and skills training, targeted towards the therapeutic goals. Group size ranges but typically involves between 6-10 participants, who will all gather in a private room where the chairs may be facing the front, or more typically arranged in a circle with members facing each other. The level of discussion shared amongst group members varies depending on the appropriateness for the topic, though you can expect general introductions and friendly conversation at minimum.




Research shows Group Therapy is effective for a range of problems and disorders, and is overall reported to be a positive and beneficial experience. There are extensive benefits to this form of treatment, including:


Accessibility: Group Programs allow shorter wait times and lower costs, as multiple patients are able to be treated at once.

Qualified Guidance: Sessions are run by a trained mental health professional, following a program developed to target specific problems.

Catharsis: While it is difficult and daunting to be vulnerable, the ability to share your personal experiences in a safe and supportive setting can be extremely relieving and rewarding.

New Perspectives: While the sessions are run by a professional, the information and perspectives shared by other group members can be invaluable. Everyone has individual coping mechanisms and strategies which can be shared and discussed amongst the group, further developing your tool kit.

Expanded Social Support: While each group member will have their own unique experiences, Group Therapy can be a great place to meet people and expand your social circle, with people who have some understanding of what you’re going through.

Hope: Group Therapy typically has members in varying stages of treatment. Those in the early stages of their journey can find inspiration and hope through hearing from members further along in their treatment process. Likewise, it can be a really rewarding experience for members in later treatment stages to see how far they’ve come and impart their knowledge and insight.


Listed above are just some of the endless benefits to Group Therapy. The Mood and Mind Centre is currently in the process of developing a range of Group Programs. Keep a look out on our social media platforms for details regarding program topics, costs and upcoming dates. If you’re interested and think Group Therapy may be beneficial for you, reach out to reception or your Individual psychologist for more info-new and current clients welcome!


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